Extreme Cashmere

Saskia Dijkstra and Camille Serra established Extreme Cashmere in 2016. The Dutch label designs unisex cashmere collections of the highest quality. 

With the intention of producing high-end wardrobe staples, Extreme Cashmere also aims to create pieces that will last in a wardrobe throughout many seasons and many years, following a sustainable approach to fashion. With this in mind, the label releases 15 new designs 4 times per year, adding to the collection of wearable essentials without overproducing. Their seasonless collections are purposeful and considered, filling gaps in existing styles to provide what is needed for a complete wardrobe.

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The sole use of high-quality cashmere throughout collections also enables the brand to promote sustainability with longevity built into their clothing. Extreme Cashmere uses carefully selected wool from Mongolian goats, from which only the longest and therefore most enduring fibres are selected.

A minimalist aesthetic is used throughout Extreme Cashmere collections, in order to provide garments that can be seamlessly slotted into any wardrobe. Classic styles are reinterpreted with modern twists in an array of colours from warm neutrals to head-turning brights. From cozy loungewear which can be dressed up or down, to polo tops and maxi dresses, Extreme Cashmere designs are luxurious and timeless. Everything needed for a daily uniform is provided in the most sumptuous materials and expert cuts. 

Extreme Cashmere collections can be found online through the label’s website and through Matches Fashion, Harvey Nichols and My Theresa