Jean Goldberg founded his high end-clothing company in 1950, which produced bespoke garments, often chosen by film stars for the production of their tuxedos and gowns. The French brand was established in Nice, and is headquartered there to this day. When, in 1961, Goldberg retired, Albert Goldberg, the founder’s son, took over the store. With this, the label began producing ready-to-wear collections for men. The brand name Façonnable was also conceived at this point, deriving from the word Façonner, which translates to ‘to shape’. Having delved into the world of ready-to-wear, Façonnable expanded, with stores opening across France and eventually across the world. Today, the label continues to produce menswear, with Julian Neale as Creative Director. Façonnable is owned by the M1 Group holding company. 

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With decades of experience producing high-quality menswear, Façonnable are known for their exceptional tailoring with a modern twist. Taking classic styles and making them more contemporary is Façonnable’s signature style, proving their easy and stylish collections a perfect choice for the modern man. A palette of wearable cool tones is met with vivid brights, with all garments produced from luxurious fabrics. Façonnable offers a shirt bar, producing shirts in every colour and pattern and for every occasion. Their preppy aesthetic is consistent from sharply-tailored blazers to casual shorts, providing everything needed for a year-round wardrobe. 

Façonnable has stores across Europe, in locations such as London, Paris and Nice. Their collections can be accessed online through the label’s online store.