Elio Fiorucci founded his namesake brand in 1967. With a creative, energetic and boundary-pushing approach to design, Fiorucci gained cult status in the 1970’s and ‘80’s. Their collections were joyful, free and unserious, often inspired by pop culture, producing mini-skirts, leopard print galore and the first ever stretch jeans. These unconventional and playful designs were hugely popular, though at the end of the 1980’s, Fiorucci fell into administration. From here, the brand stayed dormant until 2015 when Janie and Stephen Schaffer acquired the iconic label. As fans of the brand during its formative years, the duo were extremely passionate about reviving Fiorucci, and this has proven a great success. With Daniel Fletcher as Creative Director of Fiorucci today, the brand encompasses womenswear, menswear, bags and accessories. 

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Since its relaunch, Fiorucci has proven exciting and adored yet again. Daniel Fletcher looks to the history of the brand, following their principles of originality, playfulness and optimism to create coveted collections. We see staples of the brand revived, such as the ‘two angels’ design which has been a signature of Fiorucci since 1970, and colourful vinyl trousers, now made in apple leather. The brand mixes nostalgic designs with modern sensibilities, creating unique and edgy collections which have proven a hit with a new generation of Fiorucci fans. Sweatshirts and bucket hats with the classic angel motif meet dresses and shirts adorned with Italian-inspired prints to create collections that are lighthearted and upbeat, bringing fun and style to any outfit. 

Fiorucci has recently launched collaborations with Adidas, with the 2021 release inspired by a summer holiday wardrobe. The Fiorucci x Adidas collection sees the combination of the shared vibrant and upbeat approach to fashion that both brands take. The designs create an easy, cool take on pool-side style with swimwear, slides, and trainers, as well as everyday pieces in bold colours and enticing prints. 

Found online through the brands website and through Farfetch, ASOS and Flannels, Fiorucci also has a flagship store in London.