Spanish sportswear brand, Fumarel, was founded by Cosme Domecq and Gabriel Narváez. Cousins and members of the peerage of Spain, the founders noticed there were very few companies catering their clothing to luxurious sports, and therefore founded the label in 1987. The brand is named after the small seabird, the black tern, referred to as Fumarel in Spanish. 

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Producing clothing for high-class sports such as golf, polo, hunting and skiing, Fumarel quickly became popular with those of the upper classes, their designs even favoured by the Spanish royal family. In 1989, Fumarel supplied clothing for an expedition to the Himalayas, and in 2000, the brand became the official sponsor for the Spanish Olympic Team, earning even more notoriety for the label. 

After over two decades of success, Fumarel went bankrupt in 2008 due to the financial crash. Years later, in 2017, the brand was relaunched by Pedro Domecq, the son of co-founder Cosme Domecq. Since then, Fumarel continues to create high-performance clothing for various sports in timeless and wearable designs. The label offers menswear, womenswear and accessories, producing clothing in muted colours and classic cuts. With outerwear, polo shirts and knitwear, Fumarel offers refined style for a number of sports. Suede sneakers, simple sports bags and faded caps provide functionality in a stylish manner to finish off any sporting look. 

Fumarel collections can be found online through the brand’s website.