Fyodor Golan

Launched in 2011, Fyodor Golan is a London-based luxury womenswear label, founded and designed by Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman. The brand has a unique and distinctive aesthetic, utilising bold colours and unconventional fabrics to promote self-expression and individuality. 

Screenshot of fyodorgolan.co.uk

Contemporary and exuberant, Fyodor Golan produces youthful, sportswear-inspired designs influenced by art. Collections are playful and animated, through colour, print, texture and cut. A signature element to many Fyodor Golan designs is their oversized ruffle details, found in dresses, tops and skirts alike. The label often features dramatic silhouettes, created through exaggerated sleeves, puff skirts and cinched-in waists. Always innovative, Fyodor Golan designs are exciting, with a true high fashion appeal. Their powerful collections have been worn by big names such as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Gigi Hadid, reflecting their glamorous and statement appeal. 

Over the years, Fyodor Golan has collaborated with many brands, including MTV, Powerpuff Girls and Chupa Chups, to produce tongue-in-cheek, spirited collections. An MTV collab looked to create a collection embracing self-expression and self-exploration inspired by the teenage years of enjoying MTV that many have experienced. The Chupa Chups collab produced t-shirts and sweaters with the iconic logo of the brand emblazoned with positive slogans such as ‘Sweet Life’. Each collaboration sees the core elements of colour and fun from the Fyodor Golan brand reflected throughout. 

Fyodor Golan collections can be accessed via the brand’s online store.