Garo Sparo

Gary Spampinato, known professionally as Garo Sparo opened his first boutique in 2000 in Manhattan. His designs had been gaining attention since his 1995 showcase at Absolut Alternative Fashion Week, and with the opening of his first store, Garo Sparo became widely recognised. 

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Known for his couture designs and corsetry, Garo Sparo has been a go-to choice for many performers from singers to burlesque dancers to drag queens. Drag icons such as Miss Fame and singers such as Doja Cat and Lady Gaga are amongst some of Garo Sparo’s recent clientele. Creating one-of-a-kind designs for these high-profile stars perfectly suits Sparo’s conceptual approach to fashion. Innovative design and technical skill combine to produce high-octane looks featuring lace, beading, leather and more to challenge expectations.

Garo Sparo also produces ready-to-wear, mainly encompassing corsets and figure-hugging dresses. These designs, as well as the label’s couture collections take a modern approach with inspiration from the past. The glamour of the 1950’s and the classic silhouettes of the Victorian era influence the shapes and designs of Garo Sparo collections. 

The brand also offers bespoke services, contactable via the label’s website. Ready-to-wear collections are also available through this site.