Gieves & Hawkes

Gieves & Hawkes stands as one of the oldest continuous tailors in the world, in turn, becoming one of the most prestigious. The company was founded in 1771, when Thomas Hawkes opened his first store on Brewer Street, London. Separate from this, James Watson Gieve founded Gieve & Co. in 1887. The two companies were brought together in 1974, when Gieves Ltd. purchased Hawkes & Co. and renamed the business Gieves & Hawkes. 

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The Savile Row store had opened in 1912, and right from the outset in the late 18th century, the company had catered primarily for the military, including royalty. In 1809, the brand was awarded their first Royal Warrant, on behalf of King George III. Today, Gieves & Hawkes has three Royal Warrants, appointed to The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales.

With such esteemed clientele frequenting Gieves & Hawkes for centuries, the label has seen expansion throughout the world. The company has been owned by Trinity Ltd. since 2002, and John Harrison is the current Creative Director of the label. Though best known for their impeccable bespoke suiting, Gieves & Hawkes has championed ready-to-wear since the 1930’s, now offering lines from suiting to casual wear. These collections feature timeless elegance for men, providing classic staples such as polo shirts and business attire for the modern man. 

Bespoke styles take around 12 weeks to create, with expert tailors working to the specific requirements of the customer. The brand also offers made-to-measure services which take around 8 weeks to produce using age-honoured techniques. Beginning as a tailor specialising in military wear, Gieves & Hawkes also provides bespoke military outfitting. All bespoke and made-to-measure services are by appointment, and enquiries can be made through the Gieves & Hawkes website. 

As well as the iconic Savile Row store, Gieves & Hawkes have other store locations throughout the UK and across Asia.