Christel and Bernd Kirsten established Golfino in 1986, beginning by producing golfing knits with distinctive embroidery. By 1990, Golfino had produced head-to-toe styles for golfing, and over the next few years the brand began to expand throughout Europe and later worldwide. Golfino is now a leader in luxury golf apparel, and since 2020 has been owned by ENDLESS LLP

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Producing clothing and accessories for men and women, Golfino takes a classic and stylish approach to golfing attire. Their refined designs feature clean lines to create a timeless appeal. A wide range of colours is offered throughout collections, allowing the wearer to choose from understated shades or daring brights. While bold patterns such as tropical florals and nautical stripes adorn polo shirts and shorts alike, there are also many simpler, more minimal styles for an easy go-to option. 

Golfino designs are considered, keeping the functionality of their clothing in mind at all times. Therefore, Golfino collections feature classic golfing styles such as polo shirts, golf trousers, golf skirts and visors and produce them to the highest quality. Premium fabrics are met with high-tech materials to produce innovative garments designed to work exceptionally for golfing. This means that the label caters for all weathers, producing warmer and cooler options, waterproof designs, and uses fabrics with UV protection against the sun. Golfino designs can work for year-round golfing, providing weatherproof and stylish options, accessorised with essentials such as gloves and belts. 

Golfino collections can be purchased through the brand’s online store.