Goyard is one of the oldest and most iconic trunk and leather goods manufacturers in history. The label began as Maison Martin, founded by Pierre-François Martin in 1792, producing boxes and trunks for the highest of society in France. As popularity of these creations amongst the elite increased, Martin hired Louis-Henri Morel to work for his company, eventually marrying him into the family. The running of the business then shortly fell to Morel, who continued the prosperity of the house. In time, Morel hired a young apprentice, François Goyard in 1845, training him with the same expertise and principles that Martin had founded the brand upon. When Morel died unexpectedly just a few years later, François Goyard took over the business. In 1893, the house was renamed Maison Goyard, remaining this way to this day. 

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Over the following years, Goyard’s family managed the house, continuing to serve the aristocrats of France and then the aristocrats of the world. International high society sought Goyard creations, decorated with the Goyard canvas. This iconic pattern was first produced in 1892- an interlocking chevron pattern which is signature of the brand to this day. The canvas is made from a blend of linen and cotton, appearing leather-like and proving highly innovative at the time. 

As elites across the world increasingly owned Goyard travel goods and bags, so too did celebrities. Goyard designs have been spotted on some of the biggest names throughout history, from Pablo Picasso and Coco Chanel to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Kanye West. Since the conception of the house at the end of the 18th century, Goyard has remained the ultimate symbol of luxury and prestige.

Having always been privately owned, from the Martin family to the Morel family to the Goyard family, this tradition continues today. Jean-Michel Signoles bought the company in 1998 and has kept the company private. Privacy in many interpretations of the word has been integral to the Goyard house. The label operates under a shroud of relative mystery, rejecting advertising, interviews and promotion. The company does not have any e-commerce sites or collections, selling exclusively from their limited boutiques across the world. This hushed approach to business keeps Goyard as an emblem for complete opulence, combining mystery with the impressive heritage of the house to create its enigmatic presence in the fashion world. 

From travel and leather goods to accessories and a pet collection, Goyard designs do not change from season to season. Their collections are designed to last, producing handbags, luggage and wallets with elegant and timeless aesthetics. The distinctive Goyard canvas can be found throughout collections, serving as a reminder of the history of this luxurious brand. 

Goyard designs are available from their stores, found in cities from New York to London to Kyoto.