Gravati is a luxury footwear brand, founded in 1909 by Leonardo Gravati. The Italian label remains family-owned to this day, and has earned and maintained an exceptional reputation for their high-quality shoes for men and women. 

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Gravati is known for their remarkable craftsmanship, keeping tradition firmly in place in the manufacturing process. All Gravati shoes are handcrafted in Vigevano, Italy by highly skilled artisans. The pattern of each shoe is hand-cut, and the company does not keep stock of their creations. Instead, retailers must provide details of materials, patterns, lasts and construction methods, and then the factory will get to work. This handcrafted approach ensures that only the finest shoes are produced, with strict quality control checking each pair before they leave the factory. Time-honoured skill and a meticulous commitment to the craft is met with first-class materials to produce life-long shoes. 

The style of Gravati is classic and refined. The brand produces timeless styles such as chelsea boots, oxfords and loafers which will be worn from year to year. Available in a range of finishes from black and brown to blue and red hues, there are options for every preference. A polished, understated look is created for both men and women, whether in a suede sneaker or elegant ankle boot. 

Gravati has stores in Milan, Sanremo and Vigevano, and their designs are stocked in a selection of high-end boutiques across the world.