Great Greenland Furhouse

Established in 1977 by Hans Lassen, the Great Greenland Furhouse was originally formed under the name of Grønlandsgarveriet. In the beginning, the brand worked mainly in the tanning of seal skin, but soon expanded to produce clothing and accessories from the fur and skin of seals. In 1982, the company became owned by the Greenland government, and its name changed to Great Greenland to encourage sales from overseas.

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Since 1972, it has been illegal to sell or import seal fur in the USA, meaning that the European market was crucial to Great Greenland. When, in 2009, the European Parliament banned seal products throughout EU countries, there was an exemption for the Greenland Inuits. With this, the brand was able to continue to export to EU countries, and Denmark is Great Greenland’s most prominent customer. All skins and furs used by Great Greenland have been caught following the traditions of the Greenland Inuits, looking to preserve the traditions and craftsmanship of the country. 

Great Greenland Furhouse produces a range of clothing, accessories and bags from seal skin and fur. Each design is timeless and comfortable. The brand avoids following trends, preferring to create classic pieces which will not go out of style. Coats and jackets from longline styles to bombers are to be worn forever, with the Jesper Høvring collection proving very popular. The designer has collaborated with the label to produce a line of fashion-forward and luxurious coats, showcasing the immaculate furs of the label exceptionally. Coats from Great Greenland can be paired with gloves, mittens and handbags from the brand too. 

With a store in Qaqortoq, Greenland, where the label was founded, Great Greenland Furhouse also has a store and showroom in Denmark. Their collections can be purchased online through the brand’s website.