Guy Laroche

Guy Laroche founded his eponymous fashion label in 1957. The French designer opened his first store in Paris, aiming to create an understated elegance for the women of the time. The label’s first collection saw the use of bright colour, reintroducing a vibrant palette into fashion and championing a practical and sophisticated aesthetic . In 1966, the brand presented a menswear collection, named Guy Laroche Monsieur and launched boutiques dedicated to these lines. During the 1970’s, Laroche stopped designing for the brand himself, turning his attention to his haute couture collections instead.

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Guy Laroche died in 1989, the house continuing today with Richard René as Creative Director of the brand and under the ownership of Y.G.M. Trading Ltd.  

René utilises a monochromatic palette, dedicated to a ‘search for the quintessence of a garment’. With this, designs are minimal in colour but experiment with shape and cut to produce contemporary and exciting designs. Guy Laroche has always been known for their promotion of elegance and refinement, and this continues in the modern collections from the label. René reinterprets these codes to produce unique yet subtle designs which remain wearable, just as Guy Laroche himself would expect. 

Guy Laroche has a boutique in Paris where collections can be browsed and purchased.