H. Huntsman & Sons

H. Huntsman & Sons is a high-end tailor and ready-to-wear fashion house of Savile Row, London. The company has a long history dating back to 1849 when it was founded by Henry Huntsman. Originally known for their hunting and riding attire, the label quickly grew in popularity amongst the elite throughout Europe. H. Huntsman & Sons has been awarded many Royal Warrants throughout its history, the first of which came in 1886 to the Prince of Wales, with many to follow in the future of the brand. After continued success, the sons of Henry Huntsman eventually sold the company to Robert Packer in 1932, who is credited with propelling the company into modernity and further prosperity. From here, the brand became known for more than their hunting garments, becoming recognised as a reputable luxury fashion label internationally. With a new notoriety among the wider fashion world, H. Huntsman & Sons became highly sought after, and remains so to this day.

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Today, H. Huntsman & Sons is owned by Pierre Lagrange, with Campbell Carey as Creative Director and co-Head Cutter, joined by Dario Carnera. The prestigious nature of the brand and its traditional, distinguished store on Savile Row served as inspiration for the 2014 blockbuster, Kingsman: The Secret Service, after director Matthew Vaughn visited the store. 

Offering ready-to-wear and made-to-measure services for men, as well as bespoke tailoring for both men and women, H. Huntsman & Sons are known for their outstanding skill and expertise. Ready-to-wear lines feature everything from elegant suits and cashmere knitwear to luxurious pyjamas and leather accessories. A classic and refined style is produced in a range of colours and timeless patterns, such as a tweed which is made exclusively for the label in one of the oldest mills in Scotland. H. Huntsman & Sons suits tend to present high armholes and structured shoulders. Their made-to-order services fuse ready-to-wear with bespoke elements, allowing designs to fit the wearer perfectly. 

Bespoke services for men and women offer unparalleled individuality. First-class tailors take up to 50 measurements and consider the needs of the wearer to produce a unique and flattering fit and design. Suits can be moulded to the lifestyle of the customer, who may wish to add hidden pockets or space for an iPad. The bespoke service is neverending- H. Huntsman & Sons will repair any damage, replace loose buttons and help with stain removal on any of their bespoke designs, making a Huntsman suit the most opulent, life-long garment. 

As well as their iconic Savile Row store, H. Huntsman & Sons also has a store located in New York. Their ready-to-wear collections can be purchased from the brand’s online store.