H.J. Cave & Sons

Established by Harriet Jane Cave in 1839, H.J. Cave & Sons is a luxury leather goods company. The British label is best known for their Osilite trunk, which was strong yet light, allowing it to famously be used during the 1933 Everest expedition, and many others since. The brand is also seen as potentially the first creator of the designer handbag. This is believed to be true due to the knowledge that the industrialist, Samuel Parkinson, bought a H.J. Cave & Sons handbag in the mid to late 1800’s for his wife, which is the first record of a designer handbag being purchased and used. 

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The historic and esteemed brand is today owned by Laura and Glen Bluff. H.J. Cave & Sons produces exclusively bespoke designs, from luggage to handbags, keeping the label extremely high-end. To enquire about H.J. Cave & Sons bespoke services, the brand’s website and contact page can be used.