Pronounced “harvest”, Haerfest gets its name from the Old English variant of the word. The brand was founded by brothers Tim and Dan Joo in 2011, based in New York. After realising that the majority of backpacks available at the time had an athletic or academic appearance, the brothers noticed there was a gap in the market for a professional and stylish option. With this, the co-founders produced a series of leather backpacks which combined function with style. The company has grown over the years, increasing their product range for the modern professional.  

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Joining the traditional tailored leather backpack are nylon styles of the classic design, as well as briefcases, totes and accessories. The simple and minimalistic nature of Haerfest designs allows them to be used from the gym to lunch to work. Their timeless style is hard-wearing and created with a busy lifestyle in mind. All designs feature water-resistant fabrics, easy-access pockets and an in-built laptop case. Inner zip pockets easily store important items and an in-built water bottle holder means everything has its place. Haerfest styles even have a back panel which easily secures onto a suitcase, making travel effortless. With such sleek and considered design, Haerfest offers ultimate practicality in the most seamless and streamlined way. 

Haerfest collections can be purchased through the brand’s online store.