Henry Poole & Co

Henry Poole & Co is a bespoke Savile Row tailor. The company dates back to 1806, when James Poole opened his first store in Brunswick Square, London, originally focusing mainly on military attire. After some years, Henry Poole, the founder’s son, took over the business and is seen as having modernised the brand, earning its high status amongst the elites of society. In 1846, the store was moved to Savile Row, where Henry Poole & Co tailors would dress the highest of society from all across Europe, including royalty. A particular fan of the company was the then Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, who frequented the store often. In 1865, the Prince asked Henry to design a short coat which could be worn at informal dinners, and from here, the British dinner jacket was materialised for the first time in history. 

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After Henry Poole’s death in 1876, the company was taken on by his cousin, Samuel Cundey. The Cundey family has now owned and managed the brand for five generations, with Angus Cundey and his son Simon the owners today. 

Henry Poole & Co offers bespoke services and a range of accessories to complement a perfectly tailored suit. These range from ties and pocket squares to cufflinks and umbrellas, providing everything needed to finish off a Henry Poole & Co design. Their bespoke services are age-honoured and carried out by expert tailors. Each garment is handmade and cut perfectly to an individual’s requirements. With over 6000 fabrics to choose from, Henry Poole & Co tailors each suit to personal preference, fusing traditional styles with a respect for changing fashions and needs. 

The Henry Poole & Co store is located at No.15 Savile Row, where bespoke services are provided, and their accessories collection can also be accessed through the brand’s online store.