Herbert Johnson

Herbert Lewis Johnson founded his namesake brand in 1889. The London-based company has an impressive history, supposedly begun at the Prince of Wales’ recommendation. Having already apprenticed with a hat maker, Herbert Lewis Johnson happened to be on the scene at a park when the Prince of Wales’ hat fell off. Johnson picked it up and offered to repair the hat, from which the Prince suggested the young man set up his own hattery. This is, of course, what Johnson went on to do, producing hats for the highest of society, including royalty from across the world. The company was also well known for producing hats for the military. After over a century of success and expansion, Herbert Johnson was bought by Swaine Adeney Brigg in 1996. Today, Michelle Poyer-Sleeman is Master Hatter and Chief Designer. 

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Producing hats for men and women, all Herbert Johnson designs are handcrafted in the UK. Using quality fabrics and hand-stitching, the same attention to detail is used throughout the manufacturing process as in the company’s formative years. The oldest and most well-known style by Herbert Johnson is ‘The Poet’, worn by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and brought to life today in a variety of neutral tones. Other styles such as the fedora, the pork pie and the panama are also available, with a hat to suit every need and occasion. Wearable colour palettes are used throughout to ensure ultimate wearability, though some hats feature pops of colour in the ribbon of the hat, such as bright reds and fuschias. 

Personalisation is also offered by the brand, meaning that embossing can be added to most hats, incorporating initials or a message for a thoughtful touch. For an even more individualised style, Herbert Johnson also provides bespoke hatting, fitting the design to your own personal tastes and requirements. 

Herbert Johnson collections can be purchased through the brand’s online store and through the Swaine Adeney Brigg store in London.