Hunting Season

Founded by Danielle Corona in 2006 and later joined by Lena Baranovsky in 2011, Hunting Season produces luxury bags. The label takes a seasonless approach, believing that key pieces should last in a wardrobe for a lifetime. 

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Hunting Season designs are all handmade in Columbia, produced by artisans with generations of experience. Each bag is constructed from the finest leather or hand-woven straw, and all hardware is handmade in Florence. Danielle Corona believes that part of the luxury experience is knowing where and how a product is made, and so high-quality production and materials are integral to the brand. 

The considered approach to design taken by Hunting Season underpins the brand’s aesthetic. Looking to offer bags which will be worn forever, the label produces understated and elegant designs which transcend trends. The Hobo bag is signature to the brand- spacious and refined, it is the perfect everyday style for many. Other timeless designs include the saddle bag and structured cross-body styles available in a range of wearable, neutral shades. Even more architectural and statement styles such as the trunk bag, lighter bag and compact case will be picked up again and again for evenings and occasions, always sure to turn heads. Hunting Season collections are opulent and timeless, offering high functionality and impeccable design, built to last.

Collections from Hunting Season can be purchased through the brand’s online store, as well as through Net-a-Porter, Matches Fashion and Farfetch.