Founded in 1974, Iceberg is an Italian luxury fashion house known for their innovative promotion of fashionable sportswear. The founders Silvano Gerani and Giuliana Marchini began the label with knitwear collections, soon expanding to encompass wider ready-to-wear styles, of which a sports-inspired theme was prominent. Iceberg was one of the earlier labels which championed this laid-back, athletic aesthetic, though this approach was a success and remains so to this day. Now a part of the Gilmar Group, Iceberg is currently under the creative direction of James Long

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Iceberg produces ready-to-wear for men and women, as well as shoes and bags. Their collections are all made in Italy, with a clear, contemporary style. Bright colours and bold graphics are found throughout Iceberg designs, creating a cool and youthful feel. Staying true to the heritage of the brand, there is a clear sportswear inspiration running through collections, with relaxed styles of tracksuit bottoms, sweatshirts and varsity jackets available in many colours and styles. Everyday pieces such as t-shirt dresses, chunky trainers and logoed jackets are wearable and versatile, matched perfectly with a branded cap and socks. The label is known for their playful casual attire which can be dressed up or down. With sleek blazers, leather bags and crisp polo shirts, Iceberg offers everything needed for daily dressing. 

Collections from Iceberg can be found online through the label’s own site and through Farfetch.