Inuikii was founded by Cinzia Maag and her sons Danilo and Alessio in 2013. The brand was launched with clear aims of encouraging differences and individuality, looking to instill confidence in their wearers. The label produces footwear, originally focused on styles for colder climates, though now producing sliders for warmer months too. Inuikii gets its name from the Inuit-spoken words for ‘beauty’ and ‘cold’, fitting perfectly with the purpose of the brand. 

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Each Inuikii winter shoe features inner shearling and natural rubber soles. Aside from this, each design is different, incorporating fur, sequins and rhinestones to produce a fresh outlook on cold-climate fashion. The playful and unique nature of Inuikii designs is combined with a strong sense of practicality. The brand’s most well-known style, the sneaker boot, is designed to outlast rain and snow, with water-resistant materials and anti-slip soles. This style comes in a range of colours, from neutrals to brights, to transcend trends and remain a stylish and functional essential for years.

Now also offering warmer-weather designs, Inuikii produces a wide range of sliders with a modern and compelling aesthetic signature to the brand. Each design is different, incorporating metallic finishes, raffia details, woven materials and chunky soles throughout designs. 

From winter months to the height of summer, Inuikii has unique and fashionable designs on offer to suit any style and any temperature. Their collections can be accessed through the brand’s website.