IRFE has a long and interesting history, founded originally in 1924 and relaunched in 2008. The label’s name comes from the initials of the founders, husband and wife Felix Yussoupov and Irina Romanova. Irina was the niece of Tsar Nicholas II and granddaughter of Tsar Alexander III, earning the house instant attention and fascination. The Russian brand was established in Paris and expanded quickly, opening stores in London, Berlin and Normandy. This expansion was enabled due to the large following of the brand throughout Europe and America, all mesmerised by the aristocratic founders. As success heightened, IRFE launched a line of fragrances, with scents designed specifically for red-heads, blondes, brunettes and silver-haired women. 

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After the Wall Street Crash, business suffered, and IRFE closed its doors in 1931. Decades after its closure, intrigued by the historic fashion house, Olga Sorokina relaunched the label in 2008. She had contacted the owner of the brand, Xenia Sphiris, the granddaughter of the original founders, who was happy to see the fashion house come back to life. 

Today, IRFE offers women’s ready-to-wear and accessories, all produced in France and Italy. From elegant gowns with opulent embellishments to statement jewellery featuring large, beautiful stones, there is a clear inspiration drawn from the label’s past. The decadent style of the 1920’s is apparent in designs by IRFE, through attention to detail and luxurious fabrics. Avant-garde techniques add to the opulence of IRFE collections, producing fantastical silhouettes which keep the heritage of the brand close to the present day. 

IRFE collections can be located on the label’s website, where enquiries for purchase can be made.