Jet Set

Originally founded in 1969 by Kurt Ulmer, Jet Set began as a luxury skiwear brand launched in St. Moritz. From the beginning, the label was innovative in its approach to skiwear, combining fashion, sport and luxury in unexpected ways. A trusted and world-renowned label, Jet Set has been reimagined since 2018 under the creative direction of Michael Michalsky. Now owned by the Gaydoul Group, Jet Set continues to innovate for skiwear and beyond. 

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Though rooted in skiwear, Jet Set now produces activewear designed to fit many sports and lifestyles, for both men and women. Versatile and technical, Jet Set utilises high-quality fabrics throughout designs, combined with exceptional design to allow wearability in sports as well as in daily life. Jet Set is modern with a street-style edge, incorporating bright colours and contemporary prints into each style effortlessly. High performance leggings and padded winter jackets offer functionality and style, while relaxed jeans and oversize sweaters bring Jet Set’s cool aesthetic to wardrobe essentials. 

Jet Set collections can be found online through the brand’s online store.