Founded in 1968 by Ciro Paone, Kiton is a luxury fashion label based in Naples. The brand’s name derives from the word ‘chiton’, which refers to the tunic worn by ancient Greeks to pray to the Gods of Olympus. Beginning with menswear, Kiton later launched womenswear in the mid-90’s, with both lines exemplifying exceptional Italian tailoring from the start and to this day. The brand remains family-run, with Maria Giovanna Paone as Creative Director.

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Embodying fine Italian craftsmanship, Kiton creates sleek silhouettes with a signature relaxed Neapolitan style. Masterfully designed, cut and finished, the brand uses only materials of the highest quality, from vicuña, cashmere and linen to 12.8 micron wool which is exclusive to the label and made in their own mills. Ultra-fine and comparable to precious  vicuña fabrics, this micron wool is light, soft and smooth, used to craft opulent, bespoke pieces. 

While Kiton harnesses decades of exquisite tailoring expertise and places emphasis on traditional craftsmanship, the brand manages to also remain modern and consistently desirable. Their sophisticated yet laid-back style is clear throughout menswear and womenswear, seen in sharp cuts and subtle detailing. From suits to deconstructed jackets, there are options for formalwear as well as more casual styles. Wardrobe essentials are offered in versatile polo shirts, linen trousers and cashmere jackets, while more exuberant styles of jackets, shirts and beachwear are adorned with colorful and unique prints. Always sophisticated, Kiton provides both subtle and flamboyant pieces which exude easy, discreet luxury season to season. 

With stores across the world in cities from Milan and Kiev to Miami and New York, Kiton is also available online. Their collections can be found through the brand’s own site, as well as through Harrods, Mr Porter and Farfetch