Kristall Smolensk

Kristall Smolensk is an international diamond retailer, based in Smolensk, Russia. In 1961, the USSR wished to develop a diamond polishing industry in Russia, and by 1963, Kristall Production Corporation was launched by Igor Sudovsky. This was the first diamond factory to be opened in Russia, and since its conception, the brand has become the biggest diamond manufacturer in Europe and a leader in the worldwide market. 

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The label has led the trend and adoration for the ‘Russian cut diamond’, which speaks of an extremely high quality and precision. The most popular shape from Kristall Smolensk is the round cut, though they offer many other traditional shapes such as princess, pear and oval. Kristall Smolensk also produces exclusive shapes including cushion, phoenix and kokomo, all designed to perfectly enhance the beauty of the diamond. Bespoke shapes and cuts can also be produced, allowing the buyer to create their own unique designs. 

With over 50 pints of sale in Russia, Kristall Smolensk has a global presence, operating in cities such as New York, Antwerp and Dubai. Their team can also be contacted online for enquiries of sale and custom designs.