Mariuccia Mandelli founded Krizia in 1954 in Milan. The womenswear label grew popular throughout the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, with the introduction of a bold new style of very short shorts in 1971. These became later known as ‘hotpants’, for which the brand became known. The house has always been forward-thinking, creating striking and adventurous designs- principles which are still found in Krizia to this day. The brand is currently under the ownership of Shenzhen Marisfrolg Fashion Co., Ltd., taking the creative direction of Zhu Chongyun.

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Krizia continues to create unexpected womenswear collections, staying innovative and creative from season to season. The label holds a contemporary aesthetic with an avant-garde edge, mixing experimental cuts with oversized shapes. Feminine and masculine elements are merged to produce modern and effortlessly cool pieces. Oversized shirts and blazers meet flowing, pleated dresses, and bold colours intercept muted palettes. Expert tailoring is combined with fluid lines to create nonchalant elegance and refinement. Using considered details, Krizia continues to offer wearable and unique pieces for the modern woman. 

Collections from Krizia are available from the label’s boutiques, located in Shanghai and Tianjin.