Launer London

Founded in 1940 by Sam Launer, Launer London is a luxury leather goods brand. Launer began producing handbags from a small workshop in Soho, setting out to create exceptional pieces from the highest quality leathers. The success of these designs came rapidly, and soon all of high society were seeking Launer London bags. The brand had served royalty from the outset, and in 1968, Launer London acquired a Royal Warrant by Queen Elizabeth II, supplying her bags each year since. 

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CEO and Creative Director Gerald Bodmer continues the classic styles of Launer London to this day, though has brought a modern edge to the company. Structured bags are signature to the brand, met with small leather goods and a selection of bags and accessories for men. Timelessness is built into the label, with sophistication and refinement unfaltering throughout collections. Top-handle bags, clutches, cross body styles, wallets and purses all exude a discreet yet undeniable luxury, produced in the finest leathers. Classic neutral shades are offered, while a contemporary twist is also provided in the use of striking palettes and colour block designs. Gold hardware detailing is understated yet important, with the iconic twisted rope emblem symbolic of the brand making a subtle statement.

Launer London is uncompromising on quality and every design is handmade to order. Great British craftsmanship remains at the heart of the label, meaning that collections are exclusively made in the brand’s own factory in Walsall. One handbag takes up to eight hours to produce, and every design goes through rigorous quality checks before being sold. Refined design is met with unparalleled production, making Launer London bags an age-honoured choice to be cherished for generations. 

As well as ready-to-wear options, Launer London also offers customisable options for their most iconic styles. Leather finishes, interior and exterior colours and personalisations can all be chosen for the most individualised bespoke outcome. The unique design will be original to you, creating the most luxurious experience and product. 

Launer London designs can be found through the brand’s website, and through Selfridges online.