Legres is a somewhat mysterious brand, founded in 2019 by an anonymous trio. The luxury footwear label is based in London, and its founders prefer to remain under the radar, though the brand’s name is a combination of their combined initials. With the intention of producing boots for women which will last a lifetime, Legres is consistently timeless and considered. 

Working with a classic and minimalist aesthetic, Legres offers boots which are clean yet cool. Considering the needs of women in everyday life, each style is versatile and effortlessly elegant for maximum wearability. Muted colour palettes are met with timeless shapes which have been reinterpreted with a modern outlook to produce up-to-date footwear staples. Minimal detailing lets the exceptional design speak for itself. From Chelsea and western boots to knee-highs and lace-up combat styles, each design is simple yet impactful. 

To ensure endurance in both style and wear, longevity is in-built within the Legres brand through the age-honoured production of Legres collections. Each design is crafted in Italy using traditional techniques and exceptional skill to ensure a trusted and lasting quality to each shoe. 

Legres collections can be purchased online through stockists such as My Theresa, Matches Fashion and Net-a-Porter.