Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton stands as one of the most prestigious luxury brands to date. Founded by Louis Vuitton himself in 1854, the company is steeped in a rich history of innovation and forward-thinking. Vuitton was a trunk maker, creating the first flat-topped luggage case which meant these trunks could be stacked on top of eachother. Revolutionary design continued, when in 1886, Louis and his son Georges devised a single lock system with spring buckles to curb the issue of stolen items while in travel. So confident in this lock, Houdini was challenged by Georges to break out of a Louis Vuitton trunk of this kind. He never accepted the challenge, and the same lock system is still in use today. 

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Having already earned a solid reputation throughout the world, when Louis Vuitton died in 1892, his son continued to propel the brand forward. Global success in the early 1900’s meant that Louis Vuitton travel-goods stores were opening up from London to Buenos Aires to New York. Under Marc Jacobs as the company’s first Creative Director from 1997, Louis Vuitton expanded into the fashion industry. Their ready-to-wear lines for men and women were launched, and Jacobs had brought the company to a new market. Today, Virgil Abloh and Nicolas Ghesquière are Creative Directors at Louis Vuitton

Having conquered the leather goods world for years, Louis Vuitton now also produces ready-to-wear, accessories, shoes and jewellery. At the heart of Louis Vuitton are the core notions that have always underpinned the brand- innovation and craftsmanship. Ever inventive and creative, the founder of this esteemed brand lives on through the continued pursuit of these ideals. The iconic monogram print can be found throughout collections of every era, with unique and visionary designs from season to season. 

Challenging the boundaries of design continues in new collections, exemplified by the summer 2021 capsule collection. Bright watercolour bleeds into the LV monogram printed onto oversized silhouettes, creating a contemporary and youthful appeal, modelled on rapper 21 Savage. Beyond these enticing designs are the forward-thinking principles of sustainability. Louis Vuitton has committed to a 100% eco design strategy by 2015, reflecting their ability to continually break boundaries in fashion. 

Louis Vuitton has hundreds of stores worldwide, and can be accessed through their own website and through Harrods online.