Luciano Barbera

Though established in 1970, Luciano Barbera has a history which predates this by a few decades. The Carlo Barbera Wool Mill was actually founded in 1949, and was well known for their production of high-quality fabrics. Carlo’s son, Luciano, later joined the company, and worked to produce a men’s clothing collection to further the prosperity of the company. With this menswear line, the luxury fashion label was launched, gaining attention for its luxurious and polished style. To this day, Luciano Barbera is still family-run, and the daughter of the founder, Carola Barbera is Creative Director. 

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Since the brand’s foundations, and even before the family began producing clothing, Luciano Barbera has always placed a strong emphasis on quality. Only the finest materials are used throughout collections, which result in the creation of simple and elegant designs. Luciano Barbera produces classic and timeless styles which combine to create effortlessly stylish wardrobes. The brand channels a classic Italian style which is refined, whilst simultaneously retaining a relaxed edge. Producing all that is needed for the modern man, Luciano Barbera offers everything from jackets and knitwear to loungewear and swimwear. Checkered wool blazers, soft linen shirts and classic polo shirts exude an air of quiet luxury, made to fit perfectly and feel exceptional. Wearable colour palettes are met with sophisticated cuts which transcend trends and will prove lasting pieces reached for again and again. 

Collections from Luciano Barbera can be found online through the brand’s own website.