Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela (formerly known as Maison Martin Margiela) was founded in France in 1988 by Martin Margiela. The luxury fashion house has a distinctive style, known for deconstructive and artisanal designs which push the boundaries of fashion as we know it. Creating haute couture and ready-to-wear, Maison Margiela is experimentive in every aspect of the design process. Materials are often unconventional, using, for example, leather gloves to create tops, and live shows are held in unexpected environments, such as empty train stations. The brand famously assigns each product line with a number from 0-23, with footwear at 22 and fragrance at 3, for example. In 2009, Margiela himself resigned as Creative Director, with John Galliano taking over from 2014. After this, the ‘Martin’ in the brand name was dropped, leaving the title of the company as simply ‘Maison Margiela’. The brand is now also a part of the OTB group. 

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Maison Margiela is reputed for its innovation, and so Galliano continues this inimitable design style that Maison Margiela is known for. The unique mix of the feminine with the masculine, dusted with avant-garde finishes is honoured in Galliano’s designs, though it is adapted with a romantic-style flair. Classics to the Maison Margiela brand, such as re-adapted fabrics, exposed seams and oversize cuts are everlasting throughout each collection. Shirt dresses are relaxed and simple with an exciting edge, while mens sweatshirts stay current with modern branding and graphics. Galliano reinterprets favourites such as the Replica trainers, keeping designs in-line with the brand’s traditional perspectives while also looking through his own personal design lens. 

Collaborating with many brands over the years, such as Converse, H&M and Swarovski, the 2021 Reebok collaboration is a perfect example of Galliano honouring house classics in a contemporary manner. The Tabi sneaker unites the 1988 Tabi boot, recognised for its iconic split-toe, with the classic Reebok leather sneaker of 1983. Available in black and white, the collaboration joins two pieces of footwear which have remained significant to the respective brands throughout decades, bringing them together in a modern formation. 

Maison Margiela has over 60 boutiques throughout the world, as well as their online store. Their designs can also be found online at Net-a-Porter and End Clothing