Alfredo and Giacomo Canessa founded their luxury cashmere brand, Malo, in 1972. The label was established in Florence, Italy, and throughout the 1980’s gained international recognition for its impeccable designs. Malo translates to ‘I prefer’ in Latin, meaning that choosing Malo creations signifies a preference for high quality garments which favour age-honoured production methods and materials of the highest calibre. 

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With a long heritage working with cashmere, Malo ensures every piece is perfected to the highest of standards. Excellence is never compromised- from menswear to womenswear each garment will typically take around 16-18 hours to complete. After this, collections are subjected to strict checks to guarantee the exceptional standards that the brand is known for. Malo designs are created to last, designed to be lived in and passed on for generations. The use of exceptional materials allows for this longevity, with pieces crafted from fine Vicuña, cashmere, merino wool and camel wool. 

These fibres produce high quality pieces which are then designed with a timeless aesthetic to ensure Malo garments are reached for again and again for years to come. Refined and elegant styles are crafted for the everyday, seen in staples such as cashmere crewnecks, chunky cardigans and leather sliders. Crisp linen blazers, ribbed midi-skirts and glamorous palazzo trousers can be dressed up or down, and also prove enduring essentials to any wardrobe. Muted colour palettes are wearable all year round, met with summery pastel shades to inject some joyful colour into an outfit. From light, airy knits to thick, insulative pieces, Malo offers ultimate luxury for the everyday. 

Malo has boutiques located throughout the world, found in cities such as Milan, New York and Taipei. Their collections are also available online, through the brand’s online store.