Marimekko was founded in 1951 by Viljo and Armi Ratia. The Finnish label is known for their bold and artistic prints which have influenced fashion incredibly over the years. The name Marimekko comes from the combination of Armi’s middle name- Maria, shortened to Mari– and the Finnish word for dresses- mekko. With such distinctive use of print and colour, the brand expanded internationally throughout the 1960’s, and was propelled to further success when Jackie Kennedy bought numerous Marimekko dresses and wore them during the presidential campaign of her husband.

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To this day, Marimekko continues the same creative and audacious spirit throughout their collections, which now spans clothing for women and children, plus a unisex line, as well as homeware and textiles. Still based in Helsinki, the company is owned by Mika Ihamuotila, with Rebekka Bay as Creative Director. 

From clothing to tableware, Marimekko utilises a bold yet simple aesthetic. Their brightly coloured patterns are abstract and interesting, from spots to flowers to a medley of shapes. Always daring and joyful, the brand takes classic silhouettes and adds intrigue with their signature, colourful designs. Relaxed dresses, boxy t-shirts and flowing trousers are produced from high quality fabrics and decades of design heritage. These pieces are created to transcend trends- the longevity of Marimekko’s style is exemplified by the endurance of many early prints from the brand which continue to prove popular today. 

A summer 2021 collaboration between UNIQLO and Marimekko has produced a capsule wardrobe of timeless shapes met with vibrant prints. Beautiful colour combinations brighten any outfit with their carefree spirit, seen in jumpsuits, shirts, bags and more. 

Marimekko has stores across the globe, from Helsinki to Copenhagen to Tokyo. Their collections are also available online through the label’s online store.