Maui Jim

Maui Jim was established in 1980 when fisherman Jim Richards began selling sunglasses on Maui beaches. He was soon referred to as ‘Maui Jim’, and after a few years, began to develop protective sunglasses with polarized technology. Walter Hester bought the company in 1991 and continued to grow the brand, which now also produces optical glasses, since 2018. 

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With innovation at the heart of the brand, Maui Jim looks to offer the best protection and visibility from their glasses. Their patented PolarizedPlus2 technology not only eliminates 100% of all harmful UV rays, but also enhances the colours that are washed out by the sun. This technology reduces eye fatigue and keeps eyesight sharp, allowing for clear depth perception and colour contrast.

Maui Jim caters not only to everyday needs, but also to the specific requirements of watersports. Their watersports range offers the same PolarizedPlus2 technology, combined with waterproofing, oil-proofing and scratch protection technology. Glasses from this collection eliminate glare from the water’s surface whilst protecting the eyes, allowing for an enhanced performance again and again. 

The brand also produces blue light glasses, which protects against the harmful effects of blue light, increasingly necessary in today’s digital world. 

With protection for the eyes accounted for, Maui Jim ensures that their sunglasses and optical glasses are both functional and stylish. With over 120 styles of sunglasses, from aviators to cat-eyes to wrap styles, there is a design to suit any preference. Opticals are produced in oval, rectangle, square or round shapes, ensuring a flattering style for everyone, and each design is available in a range of colours and materials. Maui Jim creates classic shapes and styles which will prove timeless and effective year after year. 

Maui Jim can be accessed online through the label’s own website.