Moncler Grenoble

Moncler was founded in 1952 by René Ramillon and André Vincent, originally designing sleeping bags and tents. Over the years, the label began producing skiwear and is today also known for their highly covetable, fashionable collections. With skiwear at the heart of the brand, Moncler launched Moncler Grenoble in 2010 to produce high performance attire which incorporates the contemporary aesthetic of the wider brand with its heritage in producing trusted skiwear. Just as Moncler is named after the Alpine town Monestier-de-Clermont Alpine, Moncler Grenoble takes its name from the city at the foot of the French Alps. 

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Technological fabrics and features are used throughout Moncler Grenoble collections to produce insulative yet lightweight garments which enable the best performance. Combining the expertise of mountaineers with the decades of design experience from Moncler, the Grenoble line offers attire which protects from the harshest of climates without added bulk or excessive layering. 

The high functionality of this range does not mean a compromise on style, with the line retaining the same modern and refined style that Moncler has become known for. Each piece is considered in terms of practicality and performance, while also appearing fresh and luxurious. Moncler Grenoble is influenced by sportswear aesthetics, and often takes inspiration from vintage collections. This culminates in offerings of the iconic Moncler down jacket, as well as understated ski-pants and vivid hued windbreakers. Technical features meet contemporary style, with minimal design and bold colours, signature to Moncler, featured throughout. 

Collections from Moncler Grenoble can be accessed widely online, through stockists such as Net-a-Porter, Flannels and End Clothing.