Moncler was founded by René Ramillon and André Vincent in 1952, and is named after the Monestier-de-Clermont Alpine town in France. Known for its skiwear, when the brand started out they produced quilted sleeping bags and lined tents. Hugely popular, even more so due to the increasing number of mountain holidays, Moncler then created the first, and later iconic, down jacket. These were originally designed with workers in mind, made to be worn over overalls as protection from the cold. The effectiveness of these jackets is profound- they have been worn on many famous expeditions, including the Italian K2 expedition of 1954, in which Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli were the first to reach the summit. The classic down jacket is possibly Moncler’s most famed design, and has been reworked and restyled many times over the years. Today, Remo Ruffini owns Moncler and continues to propel it into modernity. 

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Moncler collections can be seen to fuse fashion and function throughout their mens, womens and childrens clothing, accessories, shoes and bags. A street-wear influence is clear in Moncler designs, creating a contemporary take on trusted and practical pieces. The iconic down jacket can be found in a range of bright colours and high-impact glossy finishes, with bags and gilets boldly branded with the Moncler name and logo. Moncler collections are current and exciting, while remaining wearable. They provide staples to a modern wardrobe, such as t-shirts, day-to-day bags and lightweight jackets. The use of highly technical fabrics means that Moncler pieces remain true to their utilitarian history, but still incorporate new styles and outlooks. 

Moncler Genius was launched in 2018, utilising a number of designers to create exclusive capsule collections based around the down jacket, with freedom to make of this what they wish. 

There are over 200 Moncler stores worldwide, located in cities such as London, Beverly Hills, Cannes and Kyoto. They have an online store through their website, and Moncler pieces can also be found online at Selfridges, Flannels, Harrods and Net-a-Porter