David Mouawad spent decades in New York City and Mexico perfecting his skills as a jeweller and watchmaker. Having learnt the intricacies of the crafts, Mouawad returned to his home country of Lebanon in 1891 and founded his eponymous jewellers. To begin with, the small store worked to repair watches and jewellery, soon creating unique pieces for wealthy clientele. Over the years, new generations of the Mouawad family have propelled the company to further success, expanding into the global market and gaining a worldwide notoriety for their exceptional diamonds and jewellery. The company remains family-owned and family-run to this day, with the fifth generation entering the business in recent years.

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Known for their diamonds of the highest quality, Mouawad sources their precious stones ethically and looks to enrich and support the diamond industry and its heritage. Cutting and polishing is carried out with immense and unparalleled precision to maximise the beauty of these exceptional stones. Mouawad diamonds feature throughout jewellery, timepieces, bridal collections and accessories, exuding opulence at every opportunity. From high jewellery dripping in diamonds, rubies and emeralds to glamorous sparkling rings, Mouawad is elegantly extravagant. Classic shapes are timeless and ever-impressive, met with the most extraordinary stones and craftsmanship to create modern works of art. 

Mouawad collections are accessible through Mouawad boutiques located throughout the Middle East, from Beirut to Riyadh to Dubai.