Nigel Cabourn

Nigel Cabourn launched his namesake label in 1970, producing menswear and branching out to encompass womenswear also since 2013. The brand is known for their vintage and military inspired collections which are not trend-led, but instead aspire to ultimate longevity. 

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Now producing menswear, womenswear and accessories, Nigel Cabourn offers a casual, timeless aesthetic, influenced by workwear styles. Durable materials and expert craftsmanship ensures that Nigel Cabourn designs are created to be lived in and to last. Their pieces are made to slot seamlessly into everyday wardrobes, giving classic silhouettes a modern outlook. Combining functionality with style, Nigel Cabourn offers everything from sheepskin-lined parkas to everyday t-shirts in vivid tones. Across denim, chinos, hoodies and blazers a relaxed and cool style is established, making Nigel Cabourn an easy choice for day to day essentials.

Nigel Cabourn has 6 flagship stores, titled The Army Gym, across Japan and one in London’s Covent Garden. The brand’s collections can also be found online through the Nigel Cabourn website, and through End Clothing.