Émile Obrey opened his first store in the 1930’s, though with the outbreak of war, his business was put on hold. In 1951, once the war was over, Obrey was formally established and opened its store on rue Tronchet in Paris. The brand became well-known throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s, and began to expand to international markets, seeing particular success in Germany and the USA. Obrey became renowned for their solid silver products which were introduced in 1966 and contrasted against the tradition of the time of producing watches in gold. The company remains family-owned to this day, and is now managed by the son of the founder, Patrick Obrey

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Obrey produces watches for both men and women, offering solid silver pieces with a nod to the brand’s heritage, as well as leather-strapped designs. Each watch can be customised, allowing the customer to choose the wrist size, the band style and the clock face, producing unique outcomes which feel personal and prestigious. Every watch is handmade to the highest standards, and follows an elegant and timeless aesthetic to ensure versatility of wear. Classic styles are produced, backed by decades of experience as a trusted and world-renowned watch manufacturer. 

Timepieces from Obrey can be purchased through the brand’s online store or through their boutique in Paris.