Oxxford Clothes

Brothers Jacob and Louis Weinberg founded Oxxford Clothes in 1916, producing luxury suits for men. Based in Chicago, the tailor has been referred to by Forbes as ‘the best American-made suit’, and has dressed the likes of Joe DiMaggio, Al Capone and numerous US presidents. Originally, the company was named Oxford Clothes, though decided to add the double X when they federally registered the brand name in 1949. Today, Oxxford Clothes is owned by Individualized Apparel Group.

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Across bespoke, made-to-measure and ready-to-wear, all Oxxford Clothes garments are handmade. Since the brand’s beginnings, Oxxford Clothes has proven ultimate dedication to expert craftsmanship, employing exceptional artisans and using only the finest materials. Every suit is cut by hand and collars and lapels are hand-stitched to ensure a perfect shape is produced. Natural fibres are used exclusively, selected from mills across the UK, Italy and Spain. Crafted with the same techniques that Oxxford Clothes has been using since it began, the brand offers unparalleled luxury and quality which has been respected for decades. 

Ready-to-wear and bespoke or made-to-measure services are available in-store only- Oxxford Clothes can be found in various retail stores across the USA, and the label has a showroom in Chicago and a flagship store in New York.