Pedro del Hierro

Pedro del Hierro was a Spanish designer who founded his eponymous luxury fashion house in 1974. The brand has continuously created elegant collections of the highest quality, maintaining a dedication to honour Spanish haute couture throughout designs. Since 1992, Pedro del Hierro has been owned by Tendam, and today the label operates under the creative direction of Nacho Aguayo and Alex Miralles, who continue the traditions of the house while considering modern tastes. 

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Producing menswear, womenswear, bags, shoes and accessories, Pedro del Hierro encompasses everything from casual wear to activewear to beachwear. Across all areas, the label maintains a consistent elegance and high-quality, of which the brand has always been known for. Each piece is stylish and timeless, produced with a modern sensibility. Expert use of colour is fused with the exclusive use of fine fabrics to create distinctive, chic garments which will prove wearable year on year.

In womenswear, collections are polished and feminine, offering minimalist cotton dresses, puff sleeve blouses and sleek palazzo jeans as well as soft joggers and shaping leggings. For men, the same laid-back elegance is produced, across stylish linen shirts, relaxed chinos and essential bermuda shorts. From dressing up to dressing down, Pedro del Hierro offers understated luxury across designs, ensuring an effortless refinement is achieved with muted tones, pops of brights and exceptional quality throughout.
Collections from Pedro del Hierro can be found in their stores, located throughout Spain.