Peter Do

Reimagining the luxury fashion process altogether, Peter Do was launched in New York in 2017 collectively, with five founders. Peter Do, of which the label earned its name, teamed up with four like-minded individuals who had found each other online- Lydia Sukato, Vincent Ho, An Nguyen, and Jessica Wu. The result is a cutting-edge approach, which encapsulates five different voices, skills and viewpoints. Peter Do has also worked hard to ensure that their work environment is one of respect and kindness. Listening to all employees and having important conversations means that the people making up the brand can collaborate seamlessly. Peter Do challenges the traditions of the fashion industry, producing a brand which is modern and forward-thinking. The brand produces womens ready-to-wear, bags, shoes and accessories. 

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Mirroring Peter Do’s modern approach to running the brand is their approach to style. They look to design pieces which are wearable and functional, and work as key pieces to a woman’s wardrobe. The mantra of the label is ‘clothes for women to live in’. This is reflected in the pockets seen on many garments, including skirts and dresses, as well as pleating added to jacket linings which will expand with the wearer’s movements. The clothes are thoughtful and considered, taking into account the way in which women live their lives today. 

Peter Do’s style is youthful but sharp. Tailoring is inspired from menswear to create contemporary silhouettes, while beautiful and quality fabrics produce a luxe feel. Longline blazers and tailored trousers, mixed with statement chunky boots can be found as timeless pieces which will work from year to year. Attention to detail is evident, making Peter Do pieces feel well-studied and intricate without being showy. Smart yet effortless, largely monochromatic, and expertly cut, Peter Do designs provide a modern uniform for any woman.

A focus on sustainability shines through in their commitment to produce made-to-order clothing and limited tailored pieces. Any leftover fabric would be used in new collections. Designs are focused, with the intention that the clothes would remain classic throughout the years, encouraging re-wear instead of mass-consumption. 

Peter Do designs can be found on their website, as well as on Net-a-Porter, My Theresa and Farfetch