Founded in 1988 by Marco Palmieri, Piquadro is an Italian luxury bag manufacturer. The brand is best known for their innovative designs which have proven forward-thinking right from the outset. Piquadro opened their first store in 2000 in Milan, expanding internationally in 2004 with the opening of a boutique in Barcelona. Under the creative direction of Barbara Fusillo, Piquadro continues to produce modern and inventive designs. 

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Functionality and technical innovation are integral to Piquadro, fused with quality Italian craftsmanship and clean-cut design. Using fine leathers and high-tech materials, the brand produces bags, travel goods and small accessories for both men and women. From suitcases and backpacks to messengers, totes and bucket bags, Piquadro utilises a sleek and understated aesthetic which is timeless and versatile. Though merging technology into their bags, Piquadro bags remain stylish and subtle, available in a range of classic hues. 

As well as incorporating useful details such as iPad and PC sleeves, interior organisation and pen holders, Piquadro has also integrated bluetooth technology into many of their designs. Bagmotic designs instill IoT (Internet of Things) principles into suitcases, backpacks and more. These bags are connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone, and through the Connequ app various actions can be taken. Bluetooth locks, alerts for theft or loss and charging for smartphones are all available with the Bagmotic range, as well as a handle which weighs suitcases and informs which airlines allow this bag in the cabin. Making travel easier and perfectly suiting an on-the-go lifestyle, Piquadro offers considered design which caters to the needs of the modern man or woman. 

There are over 80 Piquadro stores located worldwide, and designs from the brand can be accessed online via the Piquadro website.