Qeelin is a fine jewellery label founded in 2004 by Dennis Chan and Guillaume Brochard. Strongly tied to Chinese culture, Qeelin designs reference mystical symbols prominent in Chinese traditions, and the name of the brand itself refers to the Chinese icon of love, Qilin. The Hong Kong-based brand produces exquisite jewellery influenced by heritage and beliefs which remain important to this day. Qeelin is owned by the French group Kering

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Fusing Chinese symbolism with luxurious design and a modern edge, Qeelin designs are intricate and opulent time and time again. Traditional symbols are reinterpreted for daily wear in the most beautiful manner, with the use of 18k white and rose gold, met with fine stones such as diamonds, ruby, mother of pearl, jade and red agate. These stunning gems are perfectly met with the precious history of Chinese culture, merging intricate design with important symbolism to create treasurable rings, necklaces and bracelets. Icons such as BoBo, Yu Yi, Wulu, Qin Qin and Ling Long, who represent qualities such as peace, joy and love, are referenced in detailed and often playful designs. Qeelin is best known for their Wulu collection which offers an interpretation of the legendary Chinese gourd and is offered in delicate rings with jade Wulu symbols, and bold pendants adorned with sparkling diamonds. Whether looking for delicate designs such as dainty chains and elegant droplet earrings or bold pieces such as crystal dragon head pendants and decadent bangles, Qeelin creates a diverse range which allows anyone to celebrate rich Chinese culture.

Collections from Qeelin can be accessed from their stores which are found across the world, from Paris to Beijing to Bangkok.