Ratio et Motus

Founded in 2018, Ratio et Motus is a luxury leather goods brand producing vintage-inspired bags. The label’s title translates from Latin to ‘sense and emotion’- both traits of which the brand looks to embody. Established by Angela Wang and Shenghao Li, Ratio et Motus also aims to work with sustainability in mind, using responsibly sourced leathers and reducing water consumption and wastage. 

Screenshot of www.ratioetmotus.com

With a vintage aesthetic reimagined for the modern woman, Ratio et Motus has a timelessly elegant appeal. Referencing decades gone by, the brand fuses clean lines with retro looks to create bags which will prove mainstays in wardrobes for a lifetime. Fine Italian craftsmanship is met with considered design to ensure fresh takes on classic silhouettes. Perhaps most distinctive to the brand is their Twin Frame design, which is based on popular styles from the 1950’s. This top-handle bag is updated with a detachable smaller bag to give a contemporary and versatile appeal. Other styles include sophisticated mini bags, shoulder bags and totes. Warm colour palettes offer rich browns, nudes and reds, and many designs feature detachable straps for extensive wearability. Though minimalist in design, the vintage references and sleek appearance of Ratio et Motus bags ensure that their appeal is unique and ever-stylish. 

Available online through the brand’s own website, Ratio et Motus collections can also be accessed through My Theresa and Net-a-Porter.