Reda is an Italian fabric mill which produces luxurious fabrics from merino wool. Carlo Reda established the company in 1865, and in 1919 the mill was purchased by the Botto Poala brothers who had generations of expertise in fabric production. Still family-owned to this day, Reda is managed by Ercole Botto Poala, representing the 4th generation of the family in the Reda company. 

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Principles of excellence and sustainability are at the heart of Reda, meaning the label is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve both their product and their environmental impact. From this, Reda is the first Italian textile company to achieve the B Corporation certificate, and one of very few across the world. This certification recognises the sustainability of the brand and its products, marking Reda with a deep-rooted history and simultaneously as a leader in the present.  

With a true dedication to fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, Reda fabrics are exclusively made in Italy and the brand remains one of the only mills which still sees their product through from start to finish. From fleece to fabric, Reda manages their materials to ensure total luxury and a supreme finish. The brand produces 3 lines which create fabrics that can be used for the creation of various clothing:

  • Their Reda 1865 line offers the brand’s classic materials, focused on age-honoured tradition and quality. 
  • The Reda Active line creates highly breathable, crease-free fabrics for an impeccable look from the start to the end of the day. 
  • Reda Flexo materials are made from pure wool stretch fabrics, using the innovative ROICA ™ yarn developed by Asahi Kasei. This combines merino wool with sustainable yet stretchy yarn for a reduced environmental impact. 

Fabrics from Reda can be purchased through the brand’s online store.