Valentino is an iconic eponymous fashion house founded in 1959 and soon after this becoming internationally recognised for their glamorous dresses, often in an alluring shade of red. This tone became known as ‘Valentino red’, explaining the meaning behind the name of the sister line of the prestigious label. REDValentino was launched in 2003 and remains under the creative direction of Pier Paolo Picciolo in-line with the wider label. 

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Producing clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, REDValentino combines the sophistication which Valentino has always been known for, with a youthful and playful edge. REDValentino designs are feminine and romantic, met with streetwear influences and edgy accents for a modern finish. Where florals, tulle and ruffles adorn dresses, blouses and skirts, chunky boots and boxy outerwear add interesting contrasts. Juxtaposition continues throughout collections, seen in classic, delicate dresses paired with vinyl puffer jackets and statement jewellery. In the same way, muted pastel shades and dainty prints are contrasted against dark tones and sharply tailored silhouettes. The meeting of numerous influences is exciting and contemporary, embodying the style of the modern woman and providing versatile pieces which can be mixed and matched for a variety of outcomes. 

With stores in locations such as Rome, Paris and London, REDValentino designs are also found online through stockists such as My Theresa, Farfetch and Selfridges, as well as through the brand’s own website.