Established in 1932, Rubinacci is an Italian bespoke tailor and menswear label founded by Gennaro Rubinacci. The brand was originally named London House, titled after the founder’s appreciation for English fabrics and England’s notoriety in terms of men’s tailoring. Despite the original name of the brand, Rubinacci’s style was actually very far from the Savile Row style of the time, instead preferring a more relaxed aesthetic. It was this laid-back look which inspired Gennaro to launch his company, wishing to create unlined, unstructured jackets which could be worn away from work. With this, Rubinacci has continuously been known for their Neapolitan approach to tailoring, creating lightweight jackets with soft detailing which have been coveted throughout generations.

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Gennaro’s son Mariano took over the business in the 1960’s, and replaced the London House title with his family name. He also oversaw the expansion of the company worldwide, earning the Rubinacci name international recognition. Today, the family continues at the forefront of the brand, with Luca Rubinacci representing the third generation to run the company.

Rubinacci offers both bespoke and ready-to-wear options for men. Their bespoke service means that each suit is cut by hand specifically to the customer’s requirements and preferences, taking around 54 hours to complete. Premium materials and age-honoured techniques are utilised by the brand’s expert tailors to create exceptional and luxurious finishes. The distinctive Rubinacci style features high armholes, minimal construction and soft shoulders for ultimate comfort and movement, though the tailors will create a cut that suits your own personal style. 

In ready-to-wear, Rubinacci offers the same high-quality finish and elegance which is expected of the label’s bespoke pieces. Timeless styles are created, offering everything needed for an immaculate wardrobe, from blazers to loungewear to beachwear. Linen shorts, printed shirts and cotton jackets are produced in a wide range of colours and to the highest standards to create lasting pieces for the modern man. 

Bespoke services are offered from Rubinacci’s stores in London, Milan and Naples, where ready-to-wear pieces can also be purchased. Trunk shows take place yearly and across many cities worldwide, while menswear can also be accessed online through the Rubinacci website and via Mr Porter