Satya Paul

Satya Paul and his son, Puneet Nanda founded their namesake label in 1986 in India. The brand began producing women’s luxury saris and later expanded to encompass wider ready-to wear, as well as men’s collections. Satya Paul is now an iconic fashion house, recognised worldwide for their revolutionary approach to sari design. The house is credited with modernising the sari through experimental patterns and unexpected fabrics to bring a fresh outlook to traditional attire. Some of the biggest celebrities in India have been seen in Satya Paul designs, including Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor and Vidya Balan, cementing the label as one of the best known in the country. 

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In 2010, co-founders Satya Paul and Puneet Nanda left the label to pursue their own spiritual journeys, meaning that today, the label is owned by Reliance Brands and is helmed by Creative Director Rajesh Pratap Singh.

The vibrant and lively aesthetic which Satya Paul has always been known for continues to this day, through feminine design and timeless silhouettes. Incorporating intricate prints, embroidery and embellishment, Satya Paul produces beautiful saris, kurtas, dresses and tops with a distinctive artful style. The Valley of Flowers collection has been popular throughout the history of the brand and remains so today, offering both delicate and bold florals in a variety of colour palettes. Each design from Satya Paul is beautiful and elegant crafted from fine fabrics of silk, crepe and chiffon and paired perfectly with a geometric bag from the brand in block colours. For men, Satya Paul has the same intricate appeal, offering shirts, ties and pocket squares in unique and decadent patterns which evoke timeless luxury and style. 

With stores found across India, Satya Paul collections are also available online through the brand’s website.