Sermoneta Gloves

Sermoneta Gloves was founded in Rome, Italy in 1960 by Giorgio Sermoneta. The founder noticed that gloves at the time were typically plain and purely functional, lacking colour and character. With this, Sermoneta launched his own gloves company which aimed to offer bright colours and vibrancy to a classic accessory, while bringing gloves back as not only a functional piece but as a fashionable item in any collection. 

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Producing gloves for men and women, Sermoneta Gloves offers styles for every occasion. From driving gloves to winter styles and fashion pieces, the brand caters to all needs and preferences. Over 60 colours are provided, from striking neons and bold brights to rich nudes and classic muted shades. Understated, simple designs are sophisticated and timeless, met with lively designs featuring prints such as stripes, spots and abstract patterns. These more statement styles are often detailed with lace, studs and sequins, or decorated with contrast fur trims and mesh panels. 

Whether looking for a refined and polished pair of classic gloves or a head-turning pair, Sermoneta is consistently high quality and luxurious. From fingerless lace gloves to nappa leather winter gloves, each pair is handcrafted in Italy with decades of experience. 28 steps are taken to complete each pair of gloves, produced by 10 or more expert craftsmen with meticulous attention to detail. Fine fabrics of leather, silk and cashmere are used throughout collections, meaning that each design is not only beautifully crafted but also crafted from the best materials. 

With stores in Rome, Milan, Firenze and New York, collections from Sermoneta Gloves can also be accessed online through the brand’s online store.