Shiatzy Chen

Shiatzy Chen is a Taiwanese luxury fashion label founded by Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia and her husband Wang Yuan-Hong. Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia began her fashion career apprenticing as a tailor for her uncle, soon gaining a following of women who turned to Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia when looking for perfectly tailored pieces. With a meticulous nature, Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia quickly showed tremendous talent in hand detail and embroidery also. The designer’s great technical skill and her loyal customer base led her to launch her label with her husband in 1978. Shiatzy Chen later expanded to also encompass menswear, and now offers ready-to-wear, bags, shoes and accessories. 

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Drawing inspiration from China’s rich heritage, Shiatzy Chen fuses traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern elements and silhouettes. Luxurious fabrics and considered details feature throughout designs, resulting in understated designs for the everyday, as well as decadent pieces with intricate details. Crisp white shirts, pastel-toned lace separates and graphic tees are effortless and stylish, met with beautiful, highly adorned pieces perfect for a special occasion. Sumptuous jacquard jackets, skirts and dresses are offered in bright colours and decorated with intricate and striking embellishments. Similarly, printed silk dresses, blouses and shirts are striking and artful, inspired by traditional Chinese art and beliefs. These pieces are designed to be versatile and wearable- making a statement they can be used to add interest to an off-duty look, or dressed up for the perfect evening attire. 

Any outfit is paired perfectly with an iconic Sac de Jade bag, featuring a stunning handle made from jade, which is highly valued in Chinese culture, symbolising wisdom, nobility and courage. Available in various shapes and sizes, the Sac de Jade is timelessly elegant. 

Collections from Shiatzy Chen can be found online via the brand’s website.